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Welcome to! is a global online elctronics marketplace located in Shenzhen, which is the forefront of China's reform and opening up and the world's electronics manufacturers and wholesalers headquarter. Since 1990s the company is committed to the development of USB connector, and cable manufacturing industry, providing service to many world top 500 companies . All of our products are certisficated by ISO9001 �?2000, CE and UL standards. Now, in 2010, we established Nam Fong Industrial Co., LTD., and set up a team including Web developer, Web Saler and Engineers, creating just as her name "Link is Everywhere"to use the Internet to serve global businesses.

We try to provide every customer an extraordinary customer experience with quality products including USB Connectors, HDMI Cable, Computer Cable, USB Flash Drives and other peripherals. You may find that you’ll get quick responsive to any of your quote and innovative products from us. We provide you fast custom solutions for Connectors, Cable and Promotional USB Flash Drives gifts basing on the co-working with many manufacturers located in Shenzhen, your OEM order will be also welcomed.

We serve customers from Europe, North America, Middle East and Southeast Asia, and please try Requesting A Quote if you’re interested in any of our products where else you come from.

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  • USB CableUSB CableA Universal Serial Bus Cable, normally referred to as a USB cable, is primarily used to connect a USB device to ...
    a host. Common hosts include computers and video game consoles. While there are multiple USB standards, cables that are fully compliant with USB 1.1 specifications will work with USB 2.0 technology and vice versa. USB cables can be identified by the USB-trident on top of the plug overmolds of type “A�?and “B�?connectors.A USB cable can have numerous types of plug ends, the style of which is called a connector. Connector types include Standard-A, Standard-B, Mini-B, Micro-A, Micro-B, and Micro-AB. These plugs go into corresponding receptacles built into hosts and devices. Standard-A receptacles are the type commonly referred to as USB ports on computers; Standard-B receptacles are usually found on large peripheral devices such as printers and scanners; Mini- and Micro- receptacles are usually on small devices like digital cameras and cellular phones; Mini-AB receptacle are, according to the standard, only on “USB On-The-Go�?devices. Most USB cables that connect a device to a computer will have a Standard-A plug on one end and another type of plug on the other.
  • HDMI CableHDMI CableFounded by Silicon Image, Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic/National/Quasar), Thomson (RCA), Hitachi ...
    , Philips, Sony, and Toshiba, High Definition Multimedia Interface (or, as it more popularly known, HDMI) has managed to establish itself as the standard for video and audio connection, making it a must-have for high definition home theaters. An HDMI is a digital link that transmits both high resolution audio and high definition video through one cable. Unlike the analog versions where you find multiple jacks feeding into audio and video separately, HDMI can do the job with one USB plug, all while producing high quality sound and images. HDMI has the capacity to process 1080p resolution videos at 60 frames per second.
  • Usb Flash DrivesUsb Flash DrivesA Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive is a portable memory chip and circuit board contained in a small plastic ...
    case about the size of a thumb, giving rise to the name ThumbDrive?. Also called a memory stick, the tiny drive sports a removable cap under which is a USB connector. The chip inside the USB flash drive does not require power to retain data, so batteries are not needed. The drive gets power from the computer, making the USB flash drive a popular choice for transferring files between computers.
  • USB HubUSB HubA USB hub is a small, light unit with multiple ports for plugging in USB devices. It is commonly connected to a USB ...
    port located on the back of a desktop computer by using an extension cable. Once the hub is plugged in, you can set it wherever is convenient, avoiding the hassle of accessing the rear of the system. A USB hub is also great for laptops with only one or two ports. Most hubs can support up to 127 devices.
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