Advantages of Owning and Using a 12GB USB Hard Drive

When people think of adding an extra hard drive to their computer, they often do not consider the value of a mid size drive such as a small 12GB USB hard drive. People generally tend to think a larger dimension external hard drive you plug into both the computer and a wall outlet. While some users do need to add 200GB of space to their computer, or need that to move things around, other people do not need this much storage capacity. For those who only need a smaller amount of space for their storage needs, the smaller USB hard drive is perfect.

A 12GB USB hard drive is a smaller size portable hard drive (often smaller than a deck of cards) and only needs to be plugged into the computer (via USB port), no electrical outlet is necessary. Because of the smaller capacity, the USB hard drives are small, and can easily be hidden in a small drawer, placed in a laptop bag or purse, taking up very little space. Also, because of the smaller amount of memory, the cost for these drives is significantly less than the large external hard drives. What can the 12GB USB hard drive be used for?

Backing Up Important Files

One of the obvious things you can do with a 12GB USB hard drive is to back up all of the important files you have on your computer. A 12GB USB hard drive allows you to back up important files that you would be in trouble if you lost. While you may not be able to back up your entire computer, you can back up all of the files that you need to make sure you never loose or need to move to another computer. By copying your files to the drive, you have your files in two different places. If one of your drives were to go bad, you still have another copy.

Adding Extra Space to Your Computer

Have you maxed out or come close to maxing out the storage space you have on your computer? If you do not need a lot of extra space, but need a little extra, buying a 12GB USB hard drive may be perfect. Since this drive is smaller it is more cost effective and it is also enough to add a significant amount of space so you can add music, pictures, and files to it.

Moving Larger Files

If you do work from home or like to make videos on your computer, you may have already found that it is impossible to e-mail the large files. If you cannot e-mail the files, however, how can you move them? A 12GB USB hard drive is a great way to move these files, since it is enough space to move large files conveniently and quickly. The size allows you to attach the drive to any computer anywhere, making it possible to move your files anywhere you wish.

In reality, a 12GB USB hard drive can be used the same way a larger external hard drives can be used. The only catch, however, is that the USB drive is something that is for those who do not have a massive amount of large files that need to be saved or added to the drive. If the size of your files are small, and you do not require a large amount of space, the USB hard drive is the perfect way to do anything you need to do with data and space for computers.

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