Amazing Invention – Micro Usb Cable

A standard Micro USB Cable has maximum length of 16.4 feet that is 5 metres. The length of the Micro USB Cable is limited to 5 metres because of the limitation of entire one round trip delay which is of around 1500 nanoseconds.

If the demands of the host are not met or answered by the Micro USB Cable within the desired time period then the command is said to be lost. The command is considered unanswered or not replied by the host.

When the response time of the Micro USB device has to be added then the delays from the various connecting Micro USB Cables have to be also considered and counted. 26 nanoseconds is the maximum delay that can be accepted per connected Micro USB Cable.

The Micro USB Cable delay has to be less than 5.2 nanoseconds per metre for the Micro USB specification 2.0. The maximum transmission speed that can be achieved for standard copper Micro USB Cable that is available is 5.2 nanoseconds. This is only valid for a five metre long Micro USB Cable.

In case of Micro USB 3.0, no particular length of Micro USB Cable is required. In this case the Micro USB Cable only has to meet the specific electrical notifications.

The copper wire Micro USB Cable when used requires a maximum length of 3 metres. But when fibre optic cables will be used there will be many problems in terms of designing parameters for their length and their construction as much longer Micro USB Cable will be required.

Micro USB Cable is available with Standard A and Micro A receptacle which is compatible with all devices.

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