What's the best USB Hub

USB ports have made connection of various secondary computer devices like external hard disks, flash drives and other devices very simple. The 'plug and play' facility has only been made possible due to USB port connectivity. Any computer has a limited number of USB ports available. What do you do when most of them have already been used up and you want to connect a device like a printer, a web camera, a USB flash drive or any other device? You go for a USB Hub or USB splitter that provides multiple connectivity to many devices through a single USB port! In this review article, I present a list of the best USB hubs on offer in the market for your perusal.

Best USB Hub - Reviews

So what should one look out for in a USB hub? What are the features that mark outthe best USB hubs? High data transfer speeds and high bandwidth ports are two things that you want to see in a USB port. Besides that, more the number of USB ports, the better it is. So here is the best USB hub for laptop and desktop computers.

Targus Desktop 7 - Port USB 2.0 Hub
The top pick, Targus Desktop 7 is one of the best USB hubs on the market with 7 high bandwidth USB ports and a novel top loading USB slot. It is lightweight with a very compact design and is a great choice for business or home use. It will cost you $45.99. This device is highly recommended by many satisfied users who have used it with laptops, camcorders and even external hard drives. In fact, it is the best USB hub for external hard drives.

Belkin 4 Port USB 2.0 Travel Hub
One of the most compact USB hubs in the market, Belkin 4 Port USB 2.0 Travel Hub costs only $7 with discounts. It provides simultaneous connectivity with four devices at a time. It is the best USB hub for laptops due to its compact size and portability. You can use it on the go, to connect with multiple external storage devices.

D-Link DUB-H7 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub External
This D-link USB hub provides connectivity with seven external devices simultaneously and is distinguished by a simple design. Due to the seven fold connectivity this device offers, it needs to be connected with a power adapter. It is a solid performer that delivers what is expected from it, quite efficiently. It will cost you about $30 with discounts. You can use it to connect to digital camcorders and digital cameras.

Kensington DomeHub USB 2.0 (7 ports) Weighted Hub 33118
Another device that can handle transfer from 7 ports simultaneously, this Kensington USB hub is one of the best available in the market. Some user reviews indicate that it is the best USB hub for macbook pro, other laptops and desktop computers. Its round design and the fact that it weighs heavy, ensures that there are no space constraints or balancing problems while connecting multiple devices with it. This one is highly recommended by many desktop, as well as laptop users. It costs about $35 including discounts.

Sabrent Ultra Slim USB Hub
Another compact 4 port USB hub, this lightweight Sabrent device costs only $9.99 and provides four fold simultaneous connectivity. It is an excellent choice for use with a laptop or a desktop.

IOgear 4-port wireless USB Hub
The Iogear 4 port wireless USB hub gives you the freedom that a wireless hub provides. You can connect your computer or laptop with a printer or other devices, without worrying about cable length and wiring problems. Costumer reviews reveal that it works best with external hard drives within a range of 10 feet from the computer and is ideal for home or office use.

So these are some of the best USB hubs in the market. Investing in a USB hub is definitely worth it when you have multiple devices to connect with your PC. It enhances the multitasking ability of your PC and saves you a lot of time overall. Choose which ever suits your requirements.

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