Coaxial cable:Flexible machine meet the increased demand

Coaxial cables are widely used internet,test,measure,radar,navigation,satellite TV and many other basic industry area with high-frequency transmission.Its usage and variety great increased.Let's look at the modern automatic wire stripping equipment.
The trend of larger data transmission within shorter time develop so fast.This technology that transfer larger data is based on high-frequence and required to use high-end copper conductor,fibre-optical cable or coaxial cable.these requires are caused by many of emerging wireless applications.Wireless data transfer require to use antenna with one or more coaxial cables.
These trends led more needs of coaxial conductor and greater diversity for cables.Coaxial cables are used to reduce the middle distance,from several centermeters to meters,for transfer signals.Shorter distance will not need expansive module technology and small like fibre-optical.What's more,coaxial cable could transfer important performance of forwarder.The advantanges of coaxial cable are flexibility,mechanical stability,diversity of materials, easy to contact and signal speed with independant frequence.The demand of coaxial cables are increasing.
In principle,coaxial cables are conductor cables that made of two conductos located centrally.Between the two conductors,there has a kind of insulation materials blocks them.The surface of these metal conductors has super conductivity.A magnetic layer stretched into non-conductive materials between inner conductor and outer ones.In most cases,outer shell with multi-functions covered the outer conductor.At first,it improved its physical stability,which be used as safety plug in cables.Besides,it could protect cables without any environment impact.
With different requirements,there are many kinds of cables with different structures.For example,outer conductor of semi-steelcable is made of heavy metal tube,which is stable and no need to add cable sheath .Closed metal tube has good protection,but easily to be bent.Heliax cable is more flexible with
waving metal tube,which could be bent repeated.Sucoform item has a outer conductor of copper mesh type with tinning plating as a replacement of hard and waving metal tube.Stannum covered the hole of mesh type outer conductor and formed a good shield layer.This design could bend the cable again and again.But its disadvantages is lagre resistance because of special resistance in Stannum.Cable with outer that made of metal mesh is very flexible.
Coaxial cable with Tinning plating,with/without outer conductor(Sucoform)
                                                                                         Typicalapplication area:GSM,GPRS and UMTS antenna
Typical coaxial cable with folds shield layer,MFU
Coaxial cable with waving thick shield layer(Heliax)-typical used in antenna connection
Mirco coaxial cable with forming a ribbon shield layer(AMG 38)-typical used in medical industry
Coaxial cable with hard and thick shield layer(include stopper,semi-steel)
Application area:high-frequence,large output production and intensive machines.

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