Connector products---Core techniques and development status

In the past ,we always said that the true power in connector industry is technology innovation ,which need bold vision,capability to verify carefully and reversed thinking skills.Not only connector industry, but also other industries shold innovate in materials,techniques and others,and then practice and development.
Connectors are the components with multi-assortment and large consumption,production efficiency of which is a important parameter during competition.The bottleneck of connector manufacture sometimes is plating efficiency that need to be improved as the major issue for connector plating techniques.
Recently, some of large connector manufacturers have adopted automatic plating operating lines, such as vibration plating production lines,with material(wire) lines and barrel plating lines and so on.
With the difference of application object,frequence,power and application environment,there are many kinds of connectors.As a physical component series,communication connectors could affect the reliability and other performances of transmission system to a certain extent.Meanwhile, the innovation of connector technology simplified the end of connection and maintenance service and cut down the demand of hard-wire connection,which made the design and manufacture more convenient and flexible and reduced the cost of production and maintenance.
Our mainstream connector products are in mid and low-end markets, the percentage of high-end ones is small ,however, demand growth is fast.
There are hundreds of connector manufacturers and the experts says that new materails ,technology and techniques will infiltrate into connector production, and to improve the production level becomes more important.

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