Help:My USB Device is Broken, What do I do to Recover Flash Drive Data! USB Data Recovery at its Best.

The most common damage is a broken USB tip or device tormented from bad workmanship. Common error messages tell you your fate -- "USB Device Not Recognized" -- what to do?

Consumers should know, 1 GB CompactFlash cards can be manufactured with four 256 MB NAND chips, the chips that store data. Manufacturers use four instead of one single 1 GB NAND wafers; they think about themselves first. But, the least parts the better. This is also the case with USB memory sticks. The more recent a device was produced, the better for consumers; that last 4 GB USB flash drive that just arrived at Best Buy might use only one NAND chip. The truth is Best Buy purchases so many nationwide that you are likely to have purchased a USB device with two 512 MB chips instead of one.

Broken USB devices are common; you broke off your tip by bumping it while plugged into your USB port, while vacuuming; students bump them while plugged into laptops. Memory stick recovery is always possible, if you know who to ask.

Flash drive recovery becomes imperative but it's who you know that's important. Universities place service details on handout to their students. Students have emergencies with lost data last minute. Why lose a grade point handing in your paper late when eProvided can recover data anywhere on earth and deliver it back to you in 24 hours or less anywhere on earth via a flash data recovery download link.

USB data recovery is available for external USB drives, memory sticks, microdrives or any USB storage device. Digital camera memory recovery of any kind is also available. Consumers bend and break digital camera storage cards & have lost photos; has solutions to lost data & lost images no matter what the damage.

Memory stick recovery solutions should be an important part of the emergency knowledge materials for any educational, corporate or military institution; hand outs should be made available to everyone. Many don't think such services exist. Recover flash drive data even when device damage is extreme. eProvided recovered the flight data for NASA's Helios mission after submerged under saltwater for a month. "Anything is possible," states founder Bruce Cullen.

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