How to choose a good USB External Hard Drive?

There are some things that you cannot do without and an external hard drive is certainly one of them. This is because this computer device is used to recover and store data from your hard drive.

What is a USB External Hard Drive?

A component that holds data is called a hard drive. Previously the internal drive was used but today with different needs, threats and circumstances, the external drive has become more popular.

This storage device is placed outside the main computer tower in its own designated space. It is because of this portable encasement that the user is able to store information on a hard drive that is not placed inside the computer but in fact rests on a surface near the computer. A high-speed interface cable is used to connect the computer to the external drive. The external hard drive is able to communicate with the computer because of the interface cable, which enables data to be passed back and forth.

This computer device does have a lot of advantages as it allows the user to back up and store important information that is separate from the main internal hard drive. You can keep a lot of information like music files, DVD images and disk images safe and secure on an external hard drive. Another advantage of the USB external hard drive is that it is portable and operates on a plug-and-play basis. The external hard drive is recognized by any computer that has a USB or Firewire capability.

The usb hard drive is ideal if you have many family members using the same computer system. Plug in the external hard drive when you are using the computer and when you finish simply unplug the drive and take it with you!

USB External Hard Drive ? Buying Tips

Here are some tips that will help you get a good deal.
  • Get Yourself a Brand
    Yes, you got it right! It is good to buy a buy a brand because it will prove much more profitable in the long run. Apart from the price, buying a brand is also important because of the warranty. It does feel better knowing that you can have the device repaired in case something goes wrong.
  • Research Before Buying
    Once you have decided on a few brands, research about it using the Internet. While doing so look for reviews and feedback on how reliable a particular drive is.
  • Check the Connectivity
    It is important to be particular when selecting the connection types. Check what kind of USB port is installed in your computer. Ensure that there is at least a USB 2.0 minimum!
  • Know the Speed
    Make sure that your USB external hard drive operates fast; this will ensure that the data will get transferred faster to your computer. While asking about speed, find out about the following.
    • RPM
      The higher the RPM the better the hard drive functions. The band is 5400 rpm as the minimum and 7200 rpm as the preferred choice.
    • Seek Time
      It is important for the seek time to be 10 ms or less.
    • Buffer
      When talking about the buffer, the more is better. Try and purchase a hard drive with at least a 4 MB buffer.
  • Ask About the Size
    Buy an external hard drive with the most storage. When buying an external hard drive always add 50% to your data storage requirements. Believe me you will thank me for this tip!

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