How to distinguish D-SUB connector and DVI connector

VGA—Video Graphic Array,a output analog signal interface in grapgic card .it is also called D-SUB interface with 15 Pin,which have three rows and each row has 5 pin to transfer analog signal,VGA port adopt 15pin connection way with asymmetric distribution,the principle is to modulate the picture signal with digital format to analog high-frequence signal through RAMDAC,and then output to display devices.
The output signal from VGA port is analog ones ,after exchange of D/A and A/D2,the signals will lose some picture details.VGA port is deserved to be used in CRT monitors,but it could not affordable in connect LED devices as that will reduce the display quality.
The transfer signal of DVI port is pure digital format,compare to the VGA port with analog signal.Firstly,transmission of VGA analog digital signal is complex ,it need to change digital signal in computer into analog ones and then transfer to LCD monitor that need to change the analog signal back to display the pictures.So that will loss a lot of signals ,although it could repair parts of them through some software.With higher and higher resolution monitors appear,the quality of pictures output from VGA will be blurred.
DVI digital interface could transfer the signals from computer to moniter directly and without any loss,but under 800*600 resolution,its effect is simlilar with VGA,that’s why lots of consumers think that DVI is unusable.But if the resolution of your moniter is 1280*1024 or higher, the advantage of DVI digital interface will be appeared,and the pictures will be clearly, but VGA port will display blurred image. DVI port could supply 8GPS transfer rate Max to realize the display requirement of 1920*1080/60Hz,high resolution could not only supply clearly image for 3D movies ,but also meet with 3D author’s approval.

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