Light Peak developed by Intel compliant with USB3.0

Light transmission technology is always the important develop project for Intel,but recently,it said that they will plan to make their light transfer interface—“Light Peak”connector compliant with USB3.0.
Intel think that the popularization of connector with just Light Peak need cost a lot of time ,so they decide to compliant with USB3.0.Once PC or notebook adopt this universal connector,both of USB 3.0 cable and Light Peak wire could insert into it and plug&play.
During the “43rd OPT public seminar”held in Tokyo,the principle of Intel disclosed that support connector(socket)with Light Peak could compliant with USB standard A connector,so consumers just need to insert plug of A connector and plug of Light Peak and play.This connector set up USB 2.0 terminal in the front,set up USB3.0 terminal and optical signal transceivers department inside.
The fastest data transfer speed of Light Peak was initially set to 10Gb/s,and after several years ,now the speed is improved to 25Gb/s~100Gb/s .Besides, Intel will try their best to let it could be used in digital household electronic products through reduce the cost of optical transceivers mould parts and drive circuit and so on.
At present,manufacturers from Taiwan and Japan also participate in the formulating parameters of connector shape, and now has came into the last step.

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