MIPS 40 namo interface IP promote HDMI into portable application

MIPS technology said that  they will promote HDMI into portable electronic devices continuously with the new 40 namo HDMI1.3 interface IP(controller + PHY),MIPS technology will strengthen its position in digital family area and promote it into mobile area.
Market research department In-Stat shows that 100% of HDTV have adopt HDMI interface,which develop so fast and has extend to set-up box, DVD devices and portable PC and so on.In future,portable electronic devices ,such as telecamera,digital camera and portable media player ,will become HDMI application area.They believe that the penetrance of  HDMI for PMP will come up to 10%.
Reduction of the size and cost of portable devices will promote the demand increase of low power solution in integration of single chip.HDMI1.3 IP from MIPS is optimized for realize the low power HDMI connection and application of portable transmission specifically. With this IP, designers could concentrate all the HDMI fucntions to Soc of no more than 40 namo.Besides, Programming capability simulation and executive ability of standardize the subset of HDMI will mean that designers could choose different functions for different applications to reduce the chip area and power budget.

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