Mint Hard–combination of USB flash disk and mobile hard disk

Mint Hard shape is according to the ice cream and combine the mobile hard disk with USB flash drive,the main body of “ice cream” is mobile hard disk, and handle part is USB flash drive, then USB port is the connection place for the two parts.

When the main body and handle part is separately, we could found that the main body of “ice cream” is a 1.8inch mobile hard disk with a internal battery,the bottom of which has a USB port. Once the handle of “ice cream” connect into the main body,the data from USB flash drive will transfer into mobile hard disk automatical.Besides,there also have a Mini B USB port and a battery socket.
The Mint Hard has three “taste”: vanilla,strawberry and chocolate flavors,the ingredient of which is respectively 60GB,80GB and 120GB mobile hard disk. And the handle part is respectively 2GB,4GB and 8GB USB flask drive.

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