Password Protection for USB Drive Devices can be Questionable

Password Protection for USB Drive Devices can be Questionable

Password protection for USB drive devices, memory sticks, external hard drives and etc. can be a great thing indeed, but some can be just a bit questionable in how they work. Have you ever used freeware? Freeware software programs which are offered for free download to use for password protection can lock away your private information from the eyes of anyone who might get their hands on such devices, but your private information actually gets seen by some certain others who wish to sell you things.

If you?re going to seek out password protection for USB drive peripherals, you should keep in mind that freeware often (if not always) comes with viral adware that finds out information on you and your likes and dislikes through your web surfing history and purchasing habits online. While you are online, this information gets sent out to marketing entities who begin to send you targeted offers according to your interests, and you?ll soon notice a bit of an upsurge in the commercial spam e-mail you get in your inbox, or even perhaps a sudden outburst of pop-up ads that mysteriously appear under your browser window.

Now, is this any way to use password protection for USB drive devices? Certainly not! Why use something that?s supposed to keep your private data private, if it?s going to be flinging this information across the net in order to bombard you with ads? You need to invest in professionally made software from sources that can guarantee such data?s security, right? Like the saying goes, "You get what you pay for", and password protection for USB drive peripherals is no exception to the rule.

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