Present problems and challenges of domestic automotive connectors

 In recent years,the market scale of domestic automotive connectors have more than 3 billion yuan,shiments of which has came up to 80 million pcs,is 8%~10% of all the connector industry market.But this percentage is lower than 15%-the average percentage of worldly connectors in automotive connector application industry.As low economic base and backward technology,domestic connector manufactures have lagged behind the foreign-funded enterprises. 
Existing problems of domestic automotive connectors are as follows:
a: Few professional automotive connector manufacturers and small scalel with different product performances.
b: The service awareness and market awareness of automotive connector manufacturers is relatively weak,and need to be strengthened.
c: Lack of participation in whole design,their own connectors have no intellectual property right.
There are about 50 manufacturers who devote to automotive connector production.But except foreign-funded enterprises,our home manufacturers are not professional and the scale is small,quality of products could not compare with world famous brands.
At present,compare to foreign companies,low technoloy level and quality of home connectors are objective facts.But meanwhile, we also worry about their weak service and market awareness. Most of dometstic finished cars appear as foreign equipments that lead our connector manufacturers hardly to participation in finished car and cable designs&development ,seldom communication with finished car manufactures so that domestic connector factories hardly to get intellectual property right.
Besides,the reason of foreign-funded enterprises have great competitive is: domestic companies are not as strong as foreign-funded ones from not only technology but also economy.
The future of domestic automotive connector industry will be a competitive market between foreign companies and home enterprises.And China will become one of the most important manufacture country with the development of foreign companies and home enterprises.

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