Some Standard and Advanced Features of Pen Drive

Sporting all the convenient features of a removable storage device- feather weight, small size, larger storage space, and durability- pen drive is a must-have device for the technology freaks. Of late, pen drive has evolved from being a mere storage device to multi-functional unit for the computer users.

For average users of pen drive, the device is a simple storage mechanism and they scarcely bother about the features so long as it solves their basic purpose of storing and transferring information. But the tech-friendly and discerning users of pen drives are more careful about the features. Though the basic selection of pen drive is based on prime feature of storage space, techno-enthusiasts are developing special interest for advanced features of pen drives.

Apart from the generic features of huge storage capacity, pen drives also feature built-in micro camera, voice recorder, biometric security, MP3 playback. Let us discuss about some of the basic as well as advance features of pen drives.

Storage capacity:

The ubiquitous Pen drive has earned its popularity due to its exceptional storage capacity. Earlier, the pen drives were available with 8 MB storage capacity, that was several times more than other removable storage device such as floppy and CD-ROM. Recently, pen drives are available with storage capacity of 32 GB, 64 GB and 80 GB. Technology experts are looking forward to develop pen drives with terabytes. Before a year, the pen drives with high storage space was not popular for their high price tags. But the rapidly decreasing price has made pen drive a easily accessible device.


Compatibility is the most remarkable feature that you can find in your pen drive. The prime reason why you are using pen drive is to access the same data or information in different computers. But all computers you use may not have the same operating system to support. Most advanced pen drives are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Basically, while choosing a pen drive you should look for this feature to get maximum benefits out of it.

Rechargeable battery:

The pen drive that provides MP3 playback through earphones needs power backup. That`s why some pen drives come with built-in rechargeable batteries. The battery gets charged when connected to theUSB port of the computer.

MP3 player:

Music lovers can get their best from the MP3 player facility available with pen drives. The pen drive with MP3 player also features mini USB port, and an audio input and output.

LCD displays:

The LCD display of pen drive has made it a high-end device. The LCD display enables browsing through the list of songs that you store in pen drive.


Camera is one of the most advanced features that are available with a pen drive. Basically, it is a still camera for a generic use. But when the pen drive is connected to the USB port of a computer, it functions as a web cam.

These days, pen drives are being developed with tiny speakers. Some pen drives are coming with inbuilt card readers. You can also find pen drives with finger print scanner as advanced security system.

While selecting pen drive you may be flooded with options regarding the shapes and sizes. Some resemble bricks and other toys. Of late, pen drives have been integrated with other necessary items that people love to carry such as watches and pens. If you look for advanced features in your pen drive you should collate adequate information regarding pen drives, their features and feasibility for your purpose.

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