The Cellphone connector and 3G

The current cellphone connectors sold in China are almost from America manufacture like AMPHENOL,MOLEX TYCO and so on.Some parts of their cellphone connector are for export,others are also sold in their home.With the appearance of some new technology such as colorful panel and camera function,the time interval consumers change the cellphone is getting shorter and shorter,which also bring a lot of orders and profit for connector factories.
As for cellphone demand,the volume of connectors is getting smaller and smaller.Color screen cellphone made the 0.4mm pitch Board to Board connectors start to play its role.Cellphone connectors are so key components in cellphone that decide the quality and reliability for use of cellphone.

FPC connector: FPC connector are used for connect LCO display and PCB drive ,now 0.4mm pitch connector is the main kind ,and 0.3mm pitch ones also have been widely used.
I/O connector: I/O connector is the most important I/O channel in cellphone,which include power supply and signal connection.Smaller volume and standardization will be the trend in future.Now what we adopt mostly is round and Mini USB connector.
Card connector: The mainly card connectors are 6P SIM card connectors and T-flash ones,and the trend is to improve on Shield function and thickness(the final thin want to be 0.50mm),at the same time,card connector will increase its functions.In current market,there is a kind of products-SIM card connector&T-flash connector combos.
Battery connector: Its technical trend is small,new battery interface,low contact resistance and high contact reliability.

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