The advantages of HDMI cables compare to DVI ones

HDMI cable could transmit digital uncompressed audio and video at the same time.However,DVI cable could only support output video. There are two ways to let HDMI cable transimit audio and video on the computer:
1.     Interior connection: both of video chips and audio ones on one PCB,sound card transmit signal to video card directly through cable from PCB, and then collect audio and vedio into HDMI signal.
2.     Exterior connection: as the video chips and audio ones are not on one PCB,and have to connect by exterior cables.In general,sound card adapt SPIDF OUT to connect video card directly, but sometimes we also could use specialized HDMI audio connection cable.
HDMI could transmit audio signal of 8 sound channels with sampling frequence of 192Hz during transmit 1080P video signal,all of which could finish through only a cable. A HDMI cable could instead of 10-20 analog transmission cables and simplified the cable layout.
HDMI could transmit audio and video through 3 TMDS channels .but DVI just through 2 channels. One TMDS channel could supply 1.65Hz bandwidth, which of DVI is just 3.3Gbps and HDMI is nearly 5Gbps.After the launch of HDMI version 1.3, the frequence of TMDS improved to 34.MHz,which means that HDMI could supply 10Gbps bandwidth.And all of these developments are so fast.
The deepest color depth that current HDMI version 1.2 ,1.1 and DVI could support is 24bit,which increase to 30 bit and 48 bit(RGB or YCbCr) by HDMI version 1.3.Meanwhile,HDMI version 1.3 support the new “xvYCC”color space,which said that with 1.8 times of color signal output capability compare to color space specifictaion.
The transmisstion distance could come up to 15 meters ,but DVI ones is no more than 8 meters.For home appliances ,it reduced the difference of cable layout .With fire-optical transmission,the HDMI signal cable could increase to 100 meters when use the optical signal adapter.

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