The advantages of USB3.0 compare to eSATA

High Definition is developing because of entertainmant application, and the significant change is that the volume of video is 4 times of previous ones.Previous movies just need storage devices with 8GB to memorize the contents,but now the volume is increase to 40GB.We have to launch new edition to face the industry demand,not only for digital data,video or other transmission interface ,such as USB,HDMI,DisplayPort,SATA, eSATA and so on.
Observe the USB technology,there were lots of interfaces with mature technology and lower cost could instead of USB ones.And USB interface has entered into after continuous improvement and introduction, now its transmission speed is 480Mb/s.
                                                                                                                USB3.0 port

Although USB2.0 could deal with lots of devices,its transmission speed is not enough when work for FullHD or camera,which lead consumers to wait for long time for data transmission.And then USB3.0 appeared with transmission speed of 5Gb/s.
                                                                                                            SATA connector
Compare to the USB3.0 interface,eSATA is similar with it not only in cost ,but also in range of use. However,eSATA is always used in external hard disk to transmit data within short distance.When you want to connect another devices without sSATA intereface,this connection is invalid. USB3.0 can compliant with USB2.0,so it is suitable for all the devices with USB2.0 port to transmit data through previous interface.

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