The application of the connector

With the rapid development of international electronic components,the connector industry growing so fast and its application area extend continuously.Normal connectors are some common and not expansive components.Almost electronic products need connectors,not only consumer 3C electronic products,but also industry electronic products ,even all of the products that need transfer data and electric power also need connectors.
As to round connectors with large current, contact solidly,nice sealing and connection and shield performance,which are mainly used in space equipments and also in civilian industry products. But for rectangle connectors compare to the round connectors, its availability is high and used in electronic devices,and PCB connectors are mainly used in cable board of computers.
At present,from walkman,cellphone,PDA,GPS,NB,desktop,LCD TV,sound LED light devices to factories,various automatic machines series, almost of them need the connectors.So for connector manufacturers, the connector prospects is great.
The application range extend larger and larger with connector market rebound, the medical application is expected to place amoung the top 5.And the experts estimate that the connectors markets apply to medical industry could come up to US$1.63 billion.

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