The basic stucture of connector

The basic stucture of connector are as follows:
1. Contacts
Contacts are the core components to achieve electric connectivity. It has Male and Female contact as a couple, through mating connects to complete the electric connection.
Male contact is the rigid part , which is made of Copper,Phos-bronze.Its shape is cylindrical,rectangular or flat.
Female contact is laso called socket, a key component of contacts.It relies on the elastic force caused by the elastic deformation when flexible stucture mate with pin to contact with the male part so that complete the connection.It has many types of stuctures, cylindrical, tuning fork type,folding type and so on.
2. Insulation
Insulator is always called base or insert ,which function is to arrange the contacts in according with the right location and spacing and ensure the insulation between contacts ,between contacts and shell.Good insulation resistance,withstand voltage and easy to process are bacis requests for choose the insutation materails.
3. Shell
It protect the insulation and pins,and to align the plug and socket so that fix the connector on devices.
4. Accessories
It has two types: structure accessories(such as card ring, connect ring,cable clamps,seals,etc.)and installation accessories.(screw,nut,spring ring ,etc,). Most of accessories have standard and universal ones

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