The connector development prospect

The deveopment of 3G telecommunication network, fusion of 3 kinds of networks and some government measures like automotive consumer subsidies, all of which indicate that connectors in China market will develop so fast in the next few years. Electronic manufacturers from other countries are migrating to China market, which will become a production center of electronic products.As a big consumer country for electronic components, although it was effected by financial crisis in 2009,the sales of connectors are increasing stably.
In recent years,suppliers of connectors and cable components followed their customers and have came to China so that strengthened t he manufacture capability of chinese connector and cable components.Now there are more than 600 manufacturers in mainland,including 37.5% of TW manufacturers ,14.1% of Europe ones.But foreign brands still hold the top technology in high-end connectors,such as MOLEX,AMP ,etc.What Our connector companies produce are mainly labor-intensive products,such as cables,terminals,mirco switch,power line,etc., they need to improve their competition in technology.
Although connectors are not the protagonist in devices,they are costars.If IC is the heart of devices,connectors and cables will be the hands and feet,which play animportant role in devices.
The demand of connector products will be very large,connector companies should improve their technology to adapt the market so as to put them at an advantage.

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