The development trends of 3G Cellphone connector industry

Cellphone connectors are important components in Mobilephone, which could effect the quality and reliable for use of mobilephone.And most of after-sales problems are for connnectors.The connectors of cellphone are different because of different kinds of mobilephone,and quantity is during 5-9 pcs, including internal FPC connector, board to board connector,external I/O connector,battery,SIM card connector and CameraSocket and so on.
With the effection of 3G cellphone and intelligent ones , cellphone connectors develop into low height,small pitch,multi-functions.
FPC connector
FPC connectors are always used to connect LCE display screen to PCB, and 0.4mm pitch is the main trend, and the use of 0.3mm pitch is increasing. With the trend of LCD drives integrated into LCD devices, the number of FPC pin was reduced. In future, a frame will come ture that FPC connectors integrated into Cellphone with other cellphone components.
Board to Board connector
The pitch and height will be smaller and smaller. And the pitch is 0.4mm pitch and 0.3mm pitch. The height of BTB will be reduced to 0.9mm.
I/O connector
I/O connectors are one of the most important access channl ,including the connection of charger and signal, smaller size and standardized products will be the future trends.Now we always adopt square and Mini USB connctors, and Micro USB connectors used in Cellphone has became the standard.
Card connector
The main card connectors are 6pin SIM card connector and T-flash connector, and the further development area is to improve the thickness , shield function and multi-functions, such as two-in-one(SIM card connector+ T-flash ones) card connectors
Battery connector
This connectors will be smaller, new battery interface, low contact resistance and high connection reliability.

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