The development trends of USB 3.0 products series

The goal that transmission bandwidth come up to 5Gb/s will come true.Actually,there have not any major changes in 10 years,especially in specification.With the application trend of USB3.0, lots of manufacturers are participating in the competition ,not only finished products manufacturers ,but also ones who supply various main chips.
A. Finished products manufacturers struggle for the application market.
In the past,the normal time difference from USB standard identification to certified products launch was about 15—20 months,which is shorten to less than 10 months for USB3.0.And we can see that they are positive to struggle for the application market.
Besides,compare to the condition that people who promote the USB interface are almost the manufacturers of chipset system and finished factories are passive or waiting, USB3.0 have more imaginary space for end applications as its significant change this time.USB3.0 could prompt not only users to find solutions for chips available,but also chipset manufacturers to launch solutions.
B. Manufactures who supply chips hold positive and optimistic views of USB3.0 control chip
The key to success of USB3.0 end application is control chip solutions.At present,industry persons launch USB3.0 end devices with small quantities.
The demand of high speed transmission interface from consumers is great.

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