The future of connector products is good in electronic industry

With the development of the Mirco electronic technology, the volume of components is smaller and smaller, the circuit density is higher and higher,the transmisstion speed is faster and faster, all of which promoted the development of the interconnecting devices.Its goal is to produce high density, smaller ,thinner and fast transfer connectors with vairou kinds.China is one of the biggest manufacture area, in the years to come,our electronic information industry will change from big manufacture country to strong ones.As the great demand of connecting devices in the market,it is a good chance to develop connectors.
Electronic products market have impacted on the products structure, which has became the new development feature in connector application area, the finished electronic assembly system will develop to disgital and intelligent ones. The development goal of connector products has changed from accommodate finished products miniaturization to meet the approval of digital requires. We need to follow the new trend of connector industry in key technology , market demand change and international division to fit the change from analogal technology to digital technology.So the main work now is to develop small pitch, high frequence ,widely broadband,multifunctional and intelligent connectors for the products structure.
Our connector industry need to concentrate our forces to produce high technology and high added value products, and the important point is high-level electronic cunsumer, automotive products and potential telecommunication products area, and then to get independent intellectual property right through adjust the products structure.

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