The kiss of love-Octopus Paul flash drive

One kiss-could pass a thousand words of your heart,and there are many ways to express your love,romantic,restrained or relax way.But I dare to say :nobody will think that U disk could also be used for express your love.And now I will introduce a new design—Octopus Polo to you,besides its lover eyes could pass your deep love,the pink (express the love) and blue(high popularity) just are combined to a pair of small couple.When pink octopus kiss the blue one,you must feel so sweet.
As there are permagnents inside of octopus,it could be adsorbed on the metal board.It could be used as magnetic pushpin and a sweet gift for valentine’s day.
This flash drive could be kept in octopus’s mouth . When you remember the scene that mouth to mouth kiss,you will feel so sweet and warmly,and made your life with creation everywhere.

Octopus Paul has been known for calculated the winner in 2010 World cup,as its forecasting was so exact that Germen like it very much before bowed to Spanish team.
Now there are so many derivatives of Octopus Paul, including our lovely Octopus Paul lover.

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