The market requests and technological change in China connector industry

China connector industry is always competitive in bottom-end of the market,connector manufacturer of where begin to march against the Mid market and pay more attantion to the quality of products.Meanwhile,they still fight for the Asia market with prices and always the winner who will do like this.At present,full range of connector products could be bought in China,and mainstream models is mainly used in computers,electrical communication,A/V,optical cable and PCB connectors.  

With the increasing of consumer electrical,car electical and communication terminals markets and the manufacture capability of global connectors transferred to Asia and China,where has became the most potential connector market.And China will be the fast growing and largest connector market.In future,Chips connector,Optical cable connector,IEEE1394 and wired connectors and thin pitch connectos that used in portable/wireless products will be the most hot ones.

In connector development area,the current features are : High-speed signal transmission,digital and integrated;small size,narrow pitch and multi-functions for the products volume;the convenience of plug in and out ,combination of modules and low cost.Besides,the assembly technology will tend to SMT and MPT.

In recent years,with the rapid development of upstream connector industry,3C and digital transmission that include computor,communication and consumer electrical products also got a widely development space,and the other direction is removable phone connector,which demand is increasing so that need more and more connectors,but as a new industry area,the capability of Chinese manufacturers is limited regardless the technology or manufacture experiences.

China connector manufacturer should get rid of the mode that compete with others in same quality of Mid or bottom-ending products,a better way is to follow and to learn the newest technology,develop new products so that extend upmarket products series.

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