The present condition of DVI connector

Current DVI connectors are 18+1,24+1 and 18+5,24+5 four designs.

18 pin is Single channel DVI, the transfer rating is half of 24pin ones,that’s 165MHz. The resolution of Single channel DVI could support is the same with Dual channel ones on picture plane display.However, refresh rating is just half of 24 pin DVI ,which will reduce the display quality.Generally speaking,the largest refresh rating of Single channel DVI interface just could support to 1920*1080*60hz or 1600*1200*60hz, that means current 23-inch widescreen monitor and 20-inch normal monitor,if larger ,the display quality will be reduced.And the 24 pin Dual channel DVI is necessary for large screen LCD。
As to 18+5 and 24+5 connector are belong to DVI, the extra 4 pin is used for compatible with the traditional VGA analog signal.This connector is always used in graphics card ,not in monitors except single channel ones like 970P.

If the monitors is less than 23-inch widescreen or 20-inch of normal,the 18 pin DVI could play its role normal.Besides, a graphic card with dual channel output is very important if you want to use a large screen monitor.So now most of graphic cards adopt the DVI-I Dual channel interface ,which characteristics could come up to the requets.Actually, DVI could achieve the proper performance in many graphic cards.

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