The rise of copper price react on the development of connector industry

Fluctuations in copper price has seriously affected the development of connector industry.Recently,the copper price increased so fast that also affected its manufacture and R&D.
As we know, connector is made of four parts: contacts,insulation,shell and accessories,and the hardcore is the contacts.
Contacts are the key components for connector to complete the electrical connection, which is composed of Male and Female contact that through mating to complete the electrical connection.And the Male contact is made of Brass,Phosphor bronze.
There have 2%~8% Tin and 0.1%~0.4 phosphor in Phosphor bronze,and the left parts is Copper alloy,Brass is a kind of alloy that made of Copper and Zinc,the important metal for both of which are Copper.So the increasing of copper price affected the manufacture of connector.
Relevant market data shows that the demand of copper in the first half year increased so fast ,a increase of more than 20% compare to the same period of last year.
At present,the target price wll be reduced to US$5750,and if the market is stable,price can be rebound to US$7000, Fluctuations in copper price is among ¥46500~55000 within 3 months,which has reacted on the development of connetor industry.

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