The subject of our terminals business issue

The current terminals on the market in China,have mainly seven series: European-style terminal series, pluggable terminal series, fence-style terminal series, spring-type terminal series, track-type terminal series, through-wall terminal series, optocoupler type terminal series, and Jeter terminal is particularly prominent.
As to Terminal equipment technology, in order to seize the commanding point of market competition, shorten product launch cycles and to meet the demands of new products and new techniques, the requirement of development of industry for equipment manufacturer have been increasing.As the combination of terminal equipments and manufacturing processes, products development is more and more closely,the equipment manufacturer need to supply not only hardware,but also comprehensive solutions and full-service.
Terminals belonging to the middle of the electronic information industry products,between finished electronic machine and raw materails. Its development speed ,the technology level reached and production scale not only affect the whole electronic information industry directly,but also become very important in development of information technology, reform of traditional industries, improvement of modern equipment level and the promotion of scientific.
The market status of terminal in China created many conditions for international companies.Most of electronic devices manufacturers have taken a fancy to the opportunity that expend the market with low-cost.With the increasing of international investment, domestic companies will be recombinated.At the same time, the promulgation and implementation of new industry system policy will lead our terminal industry to be reshruffled, and the new policy will promote the development of corporate merger and reorganization.
Recently, Hao Lung Electronic said that how the terminal companies to extend the value chains in new situation, the marketing strategy for terminals corporation of post-crisis era,effective development among various links in terminal industry. From the trend of environment and new energy, we could found that some issues like the investment chance for the domestic terminal and connector industry of post-crisis era are what they need to discuss urgently.

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