USB connector VS WUSB connector

As USB connectors have came into consumer electronic industry, its use level has came up to the biggest ones. The largest data flow is 480Mb/s. Small and mini USB connector used in many mobile devices are the main connectors,USB has became the standard data connector actually.
USB3.0—4.8Gb/s transmission rate and with optical fibres interconnection.Although USB got lots of users in transmission, it is wired connector and need to add cables,which will cause the emergence of wireless USB connectors.
WUSB connector—The transmission rate is 480Mb/s within 3 meters,and 110Mb/s within 10 meters, which could connector 127 devices Max without any HUB.CWUSB will be the strong competitor of application in desktop and SOHO. But USB3.0 seems to be better choice, and the key point is how to supply power for these devices. As power supply devices means 25-50% cables and have to use lots of AC adapters,that will be dangerous.
Up to the year of 2012,WUSB will be important for the application of desktop and laptop.Because many external devices have to connect WUSB master closely, the application of which will be cut down.The effection will appeared in following industrials: USB HUB,Printer,External hard disk ,Laptop and Desktop.
Maybe USB connectors will be used in less devices.But the possible conditions will be : USB power supply and high speed connectors will be the USB ones,and low speed connectors will be WUSB. And the further application of wired USB will depend on the development of WUSB.And the industrial we have to follow are mobile and handle devices.

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