USB3.0 technology standard

Speaking of Removable storage drive,everyone is familiar with it,USB flash drive ,removable drive ,etc..Most of them adopt USB2.0 interface,and the theoretical read and write speed is just 480Mb/s,which could not satisfied the consumers demand with the growing volume documents of game ,high definition movies and so on.At this moment,the appearance of eSATA interface seems to has solved this problem.however,eSATA interface solved the speed,there is another problem,that’s power supply.As eSATA interface has no power cord so that consumers will feel unconvenient when use it.In such a context,a new technology standard emerged,it is USB3.0.

USB3.0 downward compatible with standard,and with both easy to use and plug&play .The goal is to introduce a product that connect level is more than 10 times faster than current ones and adopt the same architecture with wired USB. USB3.0 port and cable could achieve backward compatibility and support the future optical transmission in addition to optimize the USB3.0 specification to achieve lower power consumption and higher protocol efficiency.Its speed is faster than sSATA and no necessary to supply power separately,and could instead of sSATA port.

Many manufactures launched their own USB3.0 products from the end of 2009,and now we could buy removable disk and flask disk with USB3.0 port.Meanwhile,with the apperance of AMD 8 motherboards series,more and more motherboards could support the USB3.0 port,and we believe that USB3.0 technology standard will be populared soon.

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