VGA to RCA Cable - Using Your Television As a Computer Monitor

Switching from VGA to RCA ports is something that you rarely think about doing, but sometimes the need to do so does present itself. With all kinds of different connection devices available from VGA toHDMI to RCA and so on, you never know which you will need next. You can easily use a converter to go from VGA to RCA if the need arises.
What isVGA?
The first thing you are probably wondering is what the difference is between the two. With so many types of technology, it can be a real chore to determine what type of connection is which. VGA, or video graphics array, is a type of plug that carries signals from things like gaming consoles to computer monitors. The plug itself connects to the monitor through three rows with five small pins in each row, and then is secured by a small screw on either side of the plug's head.
What is RCA?
RCA connections are easily recognized by the red, yellow and white plugs they feature. They originated in the 1940s and were named for their creators at the Radio Corporation of America, or RCA. While RCA cables are some of the most commonly used connection devices for TVs, speakers, game systems and other audio visual equipment, they do offer some drawbacks. While they are an affordable method for setting up your entertainment systems, the number of cords and wires required can quickly create a large mess around your television system.
VGA to RCA connection can easily be made with special cables or cords that merge the two types of plugs with ease. These types of cords are reasonably priced and readily available online and at any store with an electronics section. They can be used to connect a number of devices to each other that otherwise would not be compatible with each other. For example, you can use them to connect a projector to a television, or a game system with television cables to a computer monitor.
The creation of VGA to RCA adapters, and other cables of similar nature has allowed technology to evolve over time without leaving it's predecessors completely behind in the dark. With new plug types constantly evolving for new types of machines, these sorts of conversion cords allow you to combine old and new technology for your entertainment needs with minimal effort.
Regardless of whether or not you know the difference between HDMI, RCA and VGA cables, you can rest assured that you will eventually need some sort of adapter cable to setup your entertainment system or your computer. If you pride yourself on your entertainment setup then you may find it advantageous when adding new pieces to your system to keep a few different converters on hand, like a VGA to RCA cable.
VGA to RCA cables can be used for many different things. Most people familiar with them would probably mention using your computer on your TV screen, but it can work the other way around too. You can hook up DVD players, game systems, or even audio/visual systems to a monitor with the right converter.

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