What's the advantage of USB extender?

USB Extender is mainly found in following types- CAT5 USB Extender, CAT5 USB 2.0 Extender, CAT5 USB KVM Extender and Wireless USB Extender. USB Extender makes use of cat5/cat5e/cat6 cables for the transportation of signals from the source to the destination device. USB Extenders are a cost effective means for signal transmission as the cables required for signal transmission of signals i.e, cat5 cables are not costly at all and can be easily used for this purpose. CAT5 cables are very light in weight thus eases the work of carrying it to longer distances.

USB Extender allows to extend signals between 1 to 4 USB devices via inexpensive Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 UTP cables up to a distance of 150ft. These usb devices works on plug and play functionality and are requires no software or drivers installation for working. Easy to use and can be used by an user with very less technical know how.

Another very efficient type of usb extender is wireless usb extender, an amazing piece of technology that allows user to transmit signals to the remote device placed up to a distance of 30mts. without using any wires. Wireless usb extender also works on plug and play principle and hence requires no software installation before usage.

Another USB Extender type makes use of Fiber Optic Cables to transmit signals to a very long distance even beyond few Miles. These devices are used along with fiber optic cables only when the quality of the signals required is very high and for situations where the destination device is placed at a very long distance from the source. DVI Fiber Optic Extenders are very costly and are used where video quality matters the most and especially in bigger organizations.

All these usb extenders are platform independent and can work fine with all major Operating Systems including Windows, Unix/Linux, Solaris. CAT5 USB Extender consists basically of two units- Sender and Reciever.

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