Which one do you prefer ,Cheap USB Flash Drives or Portable Hard Drives?

There comes a time in any computer users life when he or she finds they have a desire to expand and conquer, and to find additional sources of data storage. There are many different ways that people go about this, but among the most popular of external mass storage devices are:

(1) A portable hard drive, or...
(2) Cheap USB flash drives.

Both devices provide a significant amount of storage space (enough, in fact, to satisfy just about any unique need); however, there are a myriad of other factors that come into play and contribute.

A portable hard drive, firstly, is a much larger device than a USB flash drive. Generally speaking, one of these units may be a large as half an A4 sheet as paper, and two to three inches thick. They may weigh up to five kilograms each, which is significant enough to turn some away to desire their external mass storage device to be lightweight for easy transport.

However, a portable hard drive is built to be tough, and to weather whatever kind of rough and tumble lifestyle that comes its way. You will not be able to break one of these babies easily!

In terms of storage space, a portable hard drive can carry something as simple as two hundred and twenty eight gigabytes, all the way to an extreme amount, including four terabytes of space! That is four thousand gigabytes and, for most users, will be enough storage space for pretty much the rest of their computing lives - you will find that a portable hard drive is more on the pricey side, though, going up to anywhere around five hundred dollars, depending on the unit you buy.

On the other hand of the external mass storage spectrum exists the cheap USB flash drives. Weighing in at less than fifty grams each, these units are incredibly easy to move around with you. They are generally only two to three inches long, coining their alternative nickname, the ?thumb drive,? and are hence very easy to attach to a keychain or lanyard.

Businessmen and women, students, and casual computer users alike will find that a USB flash drives is an incredibly simple way to fix their external data storage problems, as one of these units can carry from as little as two hundred and sixty four megabytes, all the way up to sixty four gigabytes, which is a significant amount of data storage space.

Due to the transportable nature of a flash drive, they are built to be rather sturdy. Most devices are encased in hardened plastic that is shock and water proof, so they too can whether the day to day storm. One of the more expensive and professional of USB flash drives is actually encased in steel, and boasts that it can be run over by a truck and still perform optimally!

I know that myself, as a former college student, would have never earned my degree without the aid of my own cheap USB flash drives, which saved me time and time again when an assessment piece was due!

Generally speaking, you can grab a cheap USB flash drive for less than twenty dollars.

So, if you are looking for a external mass storage device to help you save your data or move it to another computer, consider a portable hard drive if you desire an extremely large amount of space, or perhaps even one of the many different types of cheap USB flash drives if you want a sleek, easily transportable device that you can carry around with you all day.

Check your local or online computer store for more information about these devices.

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