washing away my sins with an oem, usb flash drive, bought at wholesale.

My lesson was learned. Yesterday was like any other day. I put my leg through one pant leg. I put my other leg through the second pant leg. I started to transfer items into my pockets from the top of the washing machine, but it seemed like I was missing something. I tapped each pocket and found that my usb flash drive was missing. It was a high capacity drive that a friend had bought from oem at wholesale, and it was cheap enough that he didn't mind just giving me the flash drive for free. I quickly ripped open the lid to the washer and found it, soaked. My novel in progress, my business information, and all the photos of my children were gone with that quick accidental wash of my oem, wholesale, usb flash drive.

I should have known better than to save it in only one place. The very description of the item tells me that I should have more than one: oem, wholesale, usb flash drive. Needless to say, I will not make that mistake again.

When I went shopping, even at sale prices in average stores, I could not believe that there was never a price break for buying in bulk. Even at the big box stores, there was no options for an oem, usb flash drive at a wholesale price. But, thankfully, online there is a thriving industry of wholesale, oem distributors of usb flash drives to meet my needs and for cheap. I had enough to repay my friend for the usb flash drive that I washed, a couple for me to back up files on multiple levels, and there was enough to last the kids through their education. I was glad to get the oem drives at wholesale, rather than spending a ton over the years.

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