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We Custom Your HDMI Connector, USB Connector, Mini USB Connector, Cellphone Connector and DVI Connector From China Factory Directly!

Connector Custom Service
If you're looking for a connector that's not listed on our website, chances are we can have it custom-manufactured for you. We have created hundreds of custom products for our customers, from USB Connector with special pinouts to HDMI Cable Connector that we have never seen before. From basic variations on our current products, such as different lengths or colors all the way to obscure Connector types and pinouts, we should have no problem accomodating your needs.
You may also Get A Quote for available connector products.

Do You Have MOQ(Minimum order Quantity)?

To secure the best price for your custom product, we usually require a minimum order. For basic connector requests for the products that we already carry, the minimum may be around 250pcs or as little as one. We will determine the need and quantity for the minimum once we receive your specifications. Occasionally, the minimum will be higher than 250pcs and occasionally there will be no minimum at all.

What's The Package Along With My Order?
please check details about the packages that we will send to you along with your custom order.

What's The Cost?
Pricing on custom merchandise varies greatly, as it depends on what we are able to procure. The factors involved in ordering custom merchandise do vary, and are largely determined by the kind of product you wish to special-order. Our OEM staff will be able to give you more information once we know what kind of product we will be creating for you or, better yet, we receive your exact specifications.

How Long Does It Take?
This will all depend on the complexity of the custom product. Some of our products can often be short as a few days. Many custom jobs will fall more into the 6-8 weeks range from our factory located in Shenzhen of China. Rush jobs can occasionally be worked out as well. Our OEM staff will be able to give you more specific times once we receive your spec.

How To Place A Custom Order?
If you want to place a custom order from us, please download this file, and send back to us after writting the form about your connector custom service details:
Your Custom Order Details

Contact Us for more problem about Custom Connector !

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