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3.1 to HDMI cable,USB 2.0 TO 3.1 cable,C TO USB 3.0 ADAPTER,usb 3.0 to C cable

ModelId:usb 3.0 to C cable


1. Type C port introduction 

Latest Type C port, support both front and back plug, small size, fast speed(10Gbps), support Audio and Video transmission and so on.

2. Type C port application

Mobile phone, tablet computer, computer, U disk, mobile hard disk drive, earphone, battery charger and so on.

3. Type C to HDMI development background:

Aim at the potential market of Type C to DP, U3, RJ and Audio, and related peripheral products.

4. Type C to HDMI development purpose: 

Type C to HDMI is the latest type C equipments downwardly compliant with early video equipments(such as Television, projector and so on.)

5. Type C to HDMI main parameters: 

Support both front and back plug

Support 720P@50/59.94/60Hz,1080i@50/59.94/60Hz,1080P@50/59.94/60Hz,4Kx2K@30Hz.

Support HDCP 1.3

hot - plug and hot - unplug functionality

6. Type C TO HDMI product selling points

FCC, CE certificated

Pass the compliant test of Apple, Lenovo and so on.

with shielding case, indicator light and transparent matte

7. Type C peripheral product planning

Dongle series:

1>Type_C to HDMI.

2>Type_C  to VGA

3>Type_C to VGA + charging(Type_C A/F).

4>Type_C to HDMI + charging(Type_C A/F).

5>Type_C to RJ45 + charging(Type_C A/F).

Docking series:

1>Type_C to VGA + USB2.0 A/F + RJ45   charging(Type_C A/F)..

2>Type_C to HDMI + USB2.0 A/F + RJ45 charging(Type_C A/F). 

3>Type_C to VGA + USB3.0 A/F + RJ45 charging(Type_C A/F). 

4>Type_C to HDMI + USB3.0 A/F + RJ45 charging(Type_C A/F). 

8. Product must open/short/intermittence 100% test

300V AC/0.1SEC


300V DC/0.1SEC,10MΩMIN

Insulation resistance: 300V DC/0.1SEC,10MΩMIN 3ΩMAX

Conductive resistance: 3ΩMAX

9.Both ends of the weight lifting test: 10N 60S, Appearance of damage and adverse of electrical

Swing test: the angle is 60 degree ,R degree is 25.4MM 

Lifting weight:100g

Speed :20 times / min

The numbers:100 times

Requirement: Without adverse appearance and electrical

Force and endurance test:


Insertion force:5N-20N

Pull-out force:8N-20N 


10000 times the speed of 200 times / hour

3.1 to HDMI cable,USB 2.0 TO 3.1 cable,C TO USB 3.0 ADAPTER,usb 3.0 to C cable
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