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Phone fan, MINI small fan, NF-FAN-001A

ModelId:Phone fan, MINI small fan, MINI mobile phone fan, NF-FAN-001A


Phone fan, MINI small fan,  NF-FAN-001A


 MINI multifunction phone fan uses TPE environmental material, with ultra quiet mini high-speed fan blade,
a long life motor, making it super-quiet, strong wind, good texture, safe and convenient not to hurt the hand,
quality assurance.
 MINI multifunction phone fan following a variety of interfaces:
USB port, USB and MICRO USB (Retractable) port, USB and MICRO USB (foldable) port, Apple 5 port, 
3.1 type C port, mainly for mobile phones, tablets, computers, mobile power, Bluetooth speakers, 
all those devices which take MICRO USB port on  them.
Multifunction MINI small fan is just for outdoor activities, travel, tourism, camping, hiking, 
and other crowded public places or hot days.Plug and play, convenient, durable, 
a cool summer essential artifact. Instead of the traditional large fan with battery, 
this MINI small fan is removable, lightweight and easy to carry. 
Even bendable USB MINI small fan will come out soon, 
which you can take with everywhere you go.
Since it was launched these mini multifunction small fans are warmly welcomed by the majority of consumers, 
regardless of the elderly, young children, just cant put it down. Large supermarkets, small stores are selling, 
MINI fan phone are available worldwide in tropical countries and other countries including
Asia: China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, India, 
Thailand and Vietnam; Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria; 
Americas: United States, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico; 
Oceania: Australia and New Zealand; 
Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel and Jordan; Africa and South America. . . . .
Opitional colors including blue, green, orange, red, black, white, pakcaged with a single package  PE bag, 
canned cartoon, cartoon carton board mounted, 
color and packaging can be customized according to customer demand for OEM.
For more different ports, style, color, packaging, feel free to message us!

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Phone fan, MINI small fan, NF-FAN-001A
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