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inflatable solar LED lights,Camping lights

ModelId:inflatable solar LED lights,Camping lights


inflatable solar LED lights,Camping lights,NF-SC-01A

Camping lights, Camping lights,Gallery lights,Various  on function, common style,
charge reminder , battery indicator, normal white light (segment flashing mode switch: the brightest, brighter,
bright, flashing), color conversion light (red, blue, green, purple, yellow, white, flashing, etc.),
with a remote control switch, without remote control switch, light sensing lights etc., customization is accepted by style or function.
Camping lights includes two shapes, circles and squares, using 8-10 high-brightness white LED,
100 lumens of illumination, built around 1000 mA lithium battery, charging through solar panels,
no external power supply, as long as after 6 to 12 hours exposure to the sun (10 am~16pm),
may shine 6 to 12 hours (in the brightest / brighter), coated by a transparent or colored
PVC material with perfect waterproof. Solar LED lamp operating temperature is between 20 to 70 degrees Celsius.
More than 1 year product life (daily charge and discharge).
Camping lights are now available in each country and region worldwide ,
and widely used due to its advantages like immediate charging and light, portable after the air squeezed out ,
space savings, compact, easy to carry. Nice for home decor, Christmas gifts, garden courtyard, travel, outdoor lights,
hiking camping lights, car trouble lighting, suitable for studying, reading newspapers and other environments where light is neccesary,
also can replace household lamps, emergency lights, decorative lights,
a great choice for  home lighting  in countries of Africa and other which are power shortages.
Feel free to message us for more styles, shapes, functions, packaging! 

inflatable solar LED lights,Camping lights
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